Review: Evan Williams Bottled-In-Bond

Piggybacking off my previous article, I've decided to take a look at Evan Williams Bottled-In-Bond.  This is a budget bourbon that performs well above its price point and is a fantastic example of what a value whiskey should be. First off, what makes a bourbon Bottled-In-Bond?  Essentially it means that the whiskey is produced under a strict … Continue reading Review: Evan Williams Bottled-In-Bond

Review: Woodford Reserve: Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Woodford Reserve is the first bourbon I had that whiskey finally "clicked" for me.  It was the first mid-range bourbon I purchased and it sealed the deal for my love of  bourbon.  It weighs in at a healthy 45.2% ABV which is perfect for any beginning whiskey drinker while not pussy-footing around for the veteran … Continue reading Review: Woodford Reserve: Kentucky Straight Bourbon