Review: Old Forester 1910

The latest and last addition to the Old Forester “Whiskey Row” series is another stellar example of the quality juice that’s coming out of their distillery.

This was a bottle I was kind of interested in after having the Old Forester 1920, but was kind of waiting to see other reviews before I made my purchase.  I heard from a friend who just so happens to be a rep for Brown Forman products in Colorado that the 1910 that was out there now would be all that is available until later in 2019.  Everyone must have been hearing the same news because it took me checking at 3 or 4 stores that I knew used to have it in order to find a bottle.

Coming from the Old Forester 1920 and really enjoying it, I had high hopes for the 1910.  It was a lower ABV at only 93 proof, but still respectable.  The “gimmick” with this particular release is that the bourbon is taken from its original barrel and then placed into a heavily charred barrel to finish.  The result is a full flavored bourbon with hints of charred oak.

On the nose, I get oak and a very sweet vanilla note.  After consulting the tasting notes on their site, I see that this is a buttercream frosting and it fits the description really well.

As an aside, I like to reference the notes on the distiller’s website to see if their descriptions match what I’m getting.  Lots of times, I feel like most of us can discern the overarching notes that we find in most bourbons like oak, vanilla and caramel, but the subtle notes are sometimes lost upon us or we know there’s something else there, but can’t put our finger on it.  Many times, with the tasting notes provided by the distiller, they can nudge us into the right direction, which may simply just be the power of suggestion, or it could be that those notes really are there. Anyway, I digress.

The palate is very sweet, almost candy-like.  There’s definite notes of oak and vanilla and it seems as though there’s a taste of caramel, but it’s almost burnt.  It’s not the rich and creamy caramel you’d find in say Weller Special Reserve, but almost like the taste of caramel you’ve made on the stove and you’ve waited just a few seconds too long before adding the cream.  I’m sure this is part of the influence of the heavily charred barrel and I must say it is very nice.  The mouthfeel is viscous and coats the mouth, a very welcome trait in my mind.

The finish is oak forward with the char from the barrel being quite noticeable.  There’s a hint of cedar and then a nice long spicy finish.

This is quite the enjoyable pour, but I still find myself to be more fond of the 1920.  I typically gravitate more towards the higher proof whiskies, so I may just be biased.  However, at around the $55 mark, it’s a very good bourbon and being lower proof and very sweet, I would recommend this to a newcomer or someone with a sweet tooth.  All in all, I’d say this is a fine finish to the Whiskey Row series and I look forward to seeing what Old Forester puts out next.

Have you had Old Forester 1910?  What do you think about it?  Does it stand up to the 1920?  Leave a comment below.

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