Unseasonable Weather

This was a great weekend.  The temperatures were an unseasonable mid-60s, the sun was out, it was Super Bowl Sunday and it just so happened to also be my birthday.  Saturday, I was lucky enough to have the day off and was able to sleep in late (which seems to happen less and and less the older I get), have a simple breakfast of eggs and coffee, then I took off mid-morning to go mountain biking up in Talking Rock, GA.  The weather was perfect for riding, not too hot, not too cold and we’ve finally had enough dry days in a row for the trails to not be a miles-long mud hole.

After a morning of riding, I stopped by the store to pickup some hot dogs and chips, something usually reserved for Spring or Summer in Georgia.  Upon arriving home, I decided it was too nice to be inside, so I decided it would be a good time to give my bike a nice bath while I soaked up some warm sun.  I wet down my now muddy bike and sprayed it with some Muc-Off soap.  The directions said that I needed to wait 3-5 minutes before scrubbing my bike, allowing the soap to release some of the stuck on mud and grime.  Sounds like just enough time to go and grab a drink!

I went in, stared at my stash of bottles and tried to decide what would be fitting for such a nice Spring-like day.  My eyes settled on the dark green bottle of Hakushu 12.  Perfect.  I poured myself a glass, grabbed a lawn chair and moved back outside to my driveway where my soapy bike was waiting to be scrubbed down and sprayed off.  The Hakushu 12 was an excellent compliment to the day, light and fruity with just a hint of smoke.  I took turns between cleaning my bike and sitting in my chair, while enjoying my pour.

These are the days that I enjoy the most.  Nothing special really, just enjoying the moment and being thankful for the leisurely day that I was able to have.  I believe I have reached a time in my life where I can appreciate the little things more than I used to.  There’s so much going on today in our world that we feel the need to rush around and constantly be doing something, that it’s nice to be able to slow down from time to time and just enjoy the simpler things.  A warm day in February, sleeping in late, a glass of whiskey, spending time with those you love.  These are the things I’ve grown to cherish.

So take some time to slow down a bit if you’re given the chance, pour yourself and your friends a glass and just enjoy the unseasonable weather when you can.

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